Takato Yamamoto


Accessories by Joji Kojima


Studio FLOZ Co-Founder and Director Rémi Andron from France was asked by a friend to reinterpret a tattoo. The name “CRANANAS” is a mixture between the two French words: “crâne” for skull and “ananas” for pineapple. It’s drawn with a black ball pen on pale yellow paper.
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bad photo quality.. sorry for that! this work should originally be a portrait of chloë moretz, as a reference i took her cover for LOVE magazine.. but i guess i love skulls too much..! 😝💀(Wurde mit Instagram aufgenommen)
Pencil drawing.

Corona de la Muerte
 heart time! pencil artwork. (Wurde mit Instagram aufgenommen)
its like a never ending story with this drawing. (Wurde mit Instagram aufgenommen)

Image Source: www.thegothicmermaid.tumblr.com
Opaque  by  andbamnan