ANASTASIA KRIVOSHEEVA in 30 Seconds to Mars’ music video “Up In The Air”
28th May 201306:125,852 notes
Pencil drawing. Check out more of my work on instagram :)
love her.
You fit me better than my favourite sweater… (Taken with Instagram)
Woah, love this one! =)

All-time favourite.

All your twisted thoughts free flow
To everlasting memories
Show soul
Kiss the stars with me
And dread the wait for
Stupid calls returning us to life
We say to those who are in love
It can’t be true ‘cause we’re too young
I know that’s true because
so long I was
So in love with you
So I…


Makena 6, oil on panel, 60 x 60 inches, 2012

Gaga praying.
Opaque  by  andbamnan