Pencil drawings, 2012 - 2014.

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Pencil Drawing by Nadine LeDuc

Created by Nadine LeDuc
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Pencil Drawing by Nadine LeDuc

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PRINTS, PRINTS, PRINTS :D Opened up my etsy store and this is the second one to go. So stop by and grab one from this first print edition of my illustration “The blossoming heart”.
This artwork was done in October 2012 with pencil on paper.

Fine Art Print, printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Paper, 100% Hadern, archival, 308gsm.

Signed, numbered and will be shipped (worldwide) with a certificate of authenticity and lots of love, lol!




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>Disturbing pictures of couples dissolving into one anotherDreamy? Disturbing? Yep, that’s Rik Garrett’s works for you. His new series, Symbiosis, explores love, relationships, magic, alchemy and mutually beneficial partnerships in nature. The mixed media works feature couples wrapped in each other, with acrylic paint applied to the photographs to mesh the individuals as one, blurring the boundaries that divide them.
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René Magritte - The Lovers, 1928


Rik Garrett - Symbiosis

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Opaque  by  andbamnan