PRINTS, PRINTS, PRINTS :D Opened up my etsy store and this is the second one to go. So stop by and grab one from this first print edition of my illustration “The blossoming heart”.
This artwork was done in October 2012 with pencil on paper.

Fine Art Print, printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag Paper, 100% Hadern, archival, 308gsm.

Signed, numbered and will be shipped (worldwide) with a certificate of authenticity and lots of love, lol!



The only reality is thought. Project done in April,2013.
The only reality is thought. Project done in April, 2013.
© Nadine LeDuc
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Valerie Hammond - Transition, 2008
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ART: Nick Knight’s Melting Florals
Living legend, photographer Nick Knight has been busy melting floral prints in an innovative and quite amazing new way!
A decade in the making – and definitely worth the wait – he created the artwork by exposing floral prints to various combinations of heat, chemicals, and water, which resulted in amazing manipulations that have left our minds blown. More after the jump:

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ph: Tim Walker
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Pencil drawing. View more on my

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Flowers from my father 


Boys + flowers: fashion photography by Abel Rubelo Abrunhosa

Spanish photographer Abel Rubelo takes self fashion portraits. For this time we have selected those ones where flowers are the main element. 

Opaque  by  andbamnan