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Project from 2013.
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Pencil drawings.
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Crafts/Photography project.

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Beautiful Landscapes made from ordinary art supplies by Nadine LeDuc. Illusionary photography. Ausgezeichnet!



Branding project for a fictional help organisation for young people.
Nadine LeDuc
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This is quite the living room! Broederbond (The Rainbow Room), is an installation by Cape Town-based designer Pierre le Riche

via Designboom:

The intervention, built from 17km of acrylic thread in colors of the gay pride flag, represents a traditional Afrikaan family living room in the midst of the 1995 Rugby World Cup final match displayed on a television; an incredibly significant point in South African history. This work takes a critical look at the sociological implications of Afrikaner masculine hegemony on homosexuality in post-apartheid South Africa. 

TRUE BLUE is a fictional non-profit organisation whose aim is to support young people.
 True blue is an idiom, describing a very loyal and trustworthy person. This is also what the organisation aims to be for young people: a safe and reliable place where they can go to whenever they face problems, difficult circumstances or when they just need a listening ear. 
Offering a wide range of 24-hour telephone counselling service, eMail service, face-to-face counselling and self-help activity groups, the organisation‘s goal is the mental and emotional wellbeing of the young people. 
Nadine LeDuc is a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and photographer, currently based in Berlin, Germany. She is also a bigger Futurama fan than she would like to admit. 
Opaque  by  andbamnan