Here or There Oliver Jeffers

“Inspired by the gap that exists between logical thinking and emotional understanding, Jeffer’s works explore this chasm. The featured paintings tell stories and pose provocative philosophical questions through the masterful use of space in composition.” via iGNANT

All images by Clemens Poloczek and Caroline Kurze

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Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison are a creative couple who have been in the art world for nearly a decade creating unique images by combining photography, collage, painting, sculpture, and performance elements.


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Shrubrub - Vogue on Vogue on Vogue Etc (2010) - Every cover of Vogue from 2010 superimposed
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Peter Trevelyan - Tenuous (2012) - Pencil lead and glue

“Geometric structures meticulously crafted from graphite pencil leads. Trevelyan builds them gradually with great patience and precision. He fuses the delicate pencil leads together into triangles which become the basic unit of the structure; the whole surface is made up of hundreds of triangles. Trevelyan describes his work as ‘three-dimensional drawings’.”


Jung Lee - Text Art, 2012

Photographer:Will Davidson

Photographer: Will Davidson
Photographer: Yelena Yemchuk
Photographer: Ryan McGinley
Source: fashiongonerogue.com
Photographer: Kristian Schuller.
Opaque  by  andbamnan